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Left handed birthday dates – Results

We recently asked Left Handers Club members to let us know their date of birth, sex and country so we could do some analysis to see if left-handers differ from right-handers in their birth month.

You can see the original article and survey form here

Thank you to all who contributed.   After removing duplicate entries and invalid data, we had over 3,100 entries which makes this by far the largest survey of its type ever analysed!

I think this can be considered a pretty random sample of birth date data for lefthanders (though it is skewed towards females because that is the balance of our customers and newsletter readers). I have done some initial analysis that DOES seem to show a difference in seasonality for left-handers.   I have compared my left-handed results with overall birth rate statistics for UK, USA and Australia for 2010 (which do all seem to follow a pretty similar pattern) and charted the results.

The graph below shows the percentage of the annual total births that occur in each month. There do seem to be significantly higher births of lefthanders in July and August than expected from the normal overall trends.   There is also a smaller but still significant-looking peak for lefthanders in January and February.

Left handed births by month

The patterns for male and female left-handers are very similar except for two marked differences:

  • Less males in Jun
  • More males in August

Left handed births by month and sex

I did try to analyse by decade but there seems to be a pretty wide variation in the data and as the sets for each decade are much smaller I am not sure how valid it is.   The same goes for analysis by region and North /South Hemisphere.

Scientific input

To get some expert input into the analysis and a review of the data, I sent the information and my analysis to our friend Chris McManus, Professor of Psychology and Medical Education, University College London and author of the excellent book Right Hand, Left Hand, and this is what he had to say:

Suddenly seasonality [of left handed births] seems to be of interest to people again!   I’ve had two other things recently on it. The data are all a bit variable, which is slightly worrying.

Your data certainly seem to show some non-randomnesses (and I did the chi-square test on your data to check on that), and you were right to compare with population birth rates (and there is some seasonality in that). The problem, potentially, is that on the website you flag up the dates you are interested in (and you particularly mention August which then is way above all of the others…). In psychology we would probably regard that as a leading question, and we would worry about it. Ideally one wants data from people who don’t know what the hypothesis is. The risk otherwise is that people who think they are interesting tend to reply preferentially. (Many twin studies have that problem as identical twins who are more similar e.g. same handedness, are more likely to reply than, say, non-identical twins with different handedness).

I did try removing the August data, and then the effect is of very marginal significance (not at all against flat, and only just there in the other groups).

Looking at the sex ratios by month was a good idea, as these should really be pretty stable throughout the year. They don’t seem to be, though, with that funny bump of males in August, which doesn’t seem very likely biologically.   Maybe males are more likely to try and help by responding if their birthday is in August.

So, difficult to know what to make of it, but very impressive that you can get so many participants so quickly. What we really need is a question on handedness in the census. That would answer it once and for all!

All best wishes as ever, Chris

Following Chris’s comments, we did look more closely at the data and there is indeed an unnatural looking peak of birthdays on 13 and 14 August (more than twice the normal peak daily levels).   We do not have any explanation for that apart from Chris’s suggestion that we were ” Leading the witnesses” and it is more likely that people with birthdays on 13 August would respond to the survey as we had mentioned that as a significant date.


Our analysis of the data DOES seem to show some difference between the month of birth for lefthanders and the general population.   However, as is often the case with research and analysis,   it could well be that our data is skewed rather than this being a real underlying effect.   But with such a large sample (compared to all the other samples that have ever been analysed) and with some clear differences that are NOT related to 13th August as well as the “Left Handers Day” effect, there may really be something to this.

That said, we cannot offer any theories as to WHY that might be the case so, although it has been an interesting exercise, we do not really feel able to draw and stong conclusions from it.

Do you know better?

If this is you area of expertise and you have any comments, or you would like to do your own analysis of the data, we would be very pleased to hear from you.   You can add any thoughts as a comment below or you can find an anonymised version of the cleaned data here (it is in an Excel spreadsheet with a Pivot Table set up and also a linked sheet of country / region data and national birth rates data that you may find useful).

Thanks again to all who took part and we hope you found this interesting, if inconclusive!





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21 comments on “Left handed birthday dates – Results
  1. Lisa rolain says:

    Thats very interesting . i read somewhere that left handers day is 08 13 and i am left handed and my birtday is 08 13. Does rh negative factor play any significant rkle in this survey?

  2. Paul Liburd says:

    I was reborn on 07/03/1967 & had a traumatic experience being forced to use my right hand to this day I daydream every day get distracted. My son is left footed & right handed he has stuttering issues but he copes he was born 01/08/90. My daughter is left-handed a it of issues with school which she hates for some reason but she has brilliant grades I could only wish for.

  3. AL-G. says:

    I am a Lefty (DOB 10/2/50),it seems to me that most left handed people I’ve met are independent individuals.

  4. Tanya says:

    I would be interested in a similar study to see if particular days seem prone to left handedness. For instance, I was born on 3/14 and I have 2 direct friends who share this birthday. All 3 of us are lefties.

  5. Carla Campana says:

    I have many people in my family that are left handed or ambidextrous.
    Left handed sex and birth dates
    Male, Nov. 5
    Male. Dec. 1
    Male. June 29
    Male. Aug 31
    Male. June 16
    Female Aug. 11
    Female. Feb. 9
    Female. April 9
    Female. Oct. 27
    Male. Nov.27
    Male. May 28

  6. Raphael Chege says:

    My name is Raphael from Kenya am 23 . Born on August 13th. Am left handed also… I think that makes me special

  7. Priscilla Holguin says:

    Im left handed and was born August 16th and at my new job the boss and another employee are both left handed and have the same birthday. All three of us were shocked.

  8. Mary Krueger says:

    Im a lefty born August 22nd…most lefties I have met also born in August, I always thought that was strange!

  9. Gabrielle says:

    My daughter is a left (March) and so is my dad, (April)… One of my good friends is a lefty (Feb).Also I know a few other people who are lefties and they are also in Feb.I am always curious about the lefthandedness about friends and family..

  10. MK says:

    I’m a lefty and I was born August 8th. I thought it was pretty wild to see that big August spike on the chart! 🙂

  11. Hossein says:

    I have a question: is there any problem to find the way of directions through driving car by left-hander? (I found my friend and I when driving car or sit beside driver there is a problem for us to find direction or guide the driver. we are both lefthander)

    • Rajkamal Kanna says:

      Yes I’m also lefty ,i also have the same problem ,i can’t remember direction but i can remember places pictures,imagination,there specialty.

    • Donna Seaburn says:

      I ALWAYS say “left turn Clyde” (older people should get this reference). Then always a “whoops, the other left” right after.

  12. Hossein says:

    This analysis seems very interesting for me as a left-hander, but as I took apart in this survey, I just find the results in US, UK, and Australia. Unfortunately ,there isn’t any results about other countries. Why?

  13. Larry Reese says:

    I did not see the request for data for your survey, but my input confirms yours.
    My father was born left-handed but made to convert (Aug 29)
    I was born on Sep 5th, both of us in the US
    Maybe there is somthing about those months, or the nine months before?

  14. Leigh says:

    This caught my eye…being a left-hander born on August 14. What’s going on????

  15. John says:

    This is no different than the seasonal peak for the population as a whole. Surely everyone knows more babies are conceived around Christmas? There’s a reason schools begin in August/September in a lot of countries. This seems to be clutching (with the left hand) at straws. (Yes, I am left-handed.)

  16. Danny Estridge says:

    This can’t be “right”, I thought I was the only one in the rubber room. You guys can only be second best, I refuse to be less crazy. Your still on my mailing list whenever I can afford anything left handed, you know cause I’ll have a nice order(at least imo), I need a lot of left handed stuff and after 57 yrs., I want to be spoiled and use stuff the way it should be used for “our” type of people.

  17. Susan says:

    Could there be a latitudinal/hemisphere difference showing up? I wonder what the difference is between extreme northern and more southern US birth rates. I think the more populated areas of Australia are a more subtropic climate, as is the southern US where I live, but obviously the UK and US New England/Canadian border states are much colder. And of course Australia has seasons opposite the northern hemisphere, so that could explain their bump in Feb/March. My hypothesis is a bigger bump in colder climates, flatter in warmer overall, a similar rate between Australia and southern US except opposite seasons, and less significance for left-handers in both groups. Amateur statistics 🙂

  18. Kristina Cliff-Evans says:

    To me the more interesting thing is that LH birthrate went up markedly in February when all 3 of the national birth rates went down markedly. BTW, both my LH sister and I were born in February in the USA.

  19. AL says:

    Very interesting survey but I would like to know how it compares to right-handers birth rate. Is it similar? Is it completely different? What might the “Astrologers” have to say? I am sure they may have some interesting feedback. Great fun, great work ..PEACE!!