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Video – Lefthanded Knives

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Most “normal” knives for right-handers are serrated on the LEFT of the blade – the idea being that the effect of the serrations counter-acts the natural inward (clockwise as you see it) twisting action of the right hand, leading to a straight cut. If a left-hander uses one of these knives, the serrations actually EMPHASIZE the natural anti-clockwise twisting motion of the left hand which leads to the classic “overhanging” loaf or whatever is being cut. All our knives are serrated on the RIGHT side of the blade to give the correct balanced action for left-handers and generally people are very pleased that they can suddenly cut straight!


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5 comments on “Lefthanded knives
  1. Anthony says:

    A left handed bread knife was one of the things I absolutely insisted that we buy for our kitchen. Most other things I just deal with, but a “normal” bread knife was intolerable. My wife thought I was just bad at cutting bread, but the day it arrived, the first thing I did was make her use it to cut a slice. Guess what? A total wedge. Also they cut cheese very well too.

    I am not convinced the serations “counteract the twisting motion”. Isn’t it that the left handed knife has the flat side to the large block of bread or cheeseburger and the serrated side peels the slice away? A wrong handed knife drives into the bread because it can’t peel off the slice in this way.
    That was just my hypothesis.

  2. Chas KENNY says:

    One of the best purchases I have made. I bought a set of knives from the Left Handed Shop when it was in Brewer Street, London.

  3. Jane Cordner says:

    Is it really the knife I always thought I was just bad at cutting a loaf of bread

  4. skip says:

    I never could cut bread . it would be 3/4inch at the top and end up 1/8 in at the bottom
    . I now have a left hand knife and works great

  5. Jackie McCorkindale says:

    The other thing about left-handed implements is that you can equip your kitchen with them and get your own back when your right-handed husband cuts the loaf at an angle or can’t use the scissors or – and this is a doozy – is late for work because he looked at your left-handed clock. I’m just really irritated by the fact that he is the only one who can operate the pull-start on the lawn mower.