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Left handed scissors demo videos

Truly left handed scissors have the blades reversed as well as the handle mouldings and can be hard to find.   The blade positions on left handed scissors mean you can see the cutting line without having to twist the scissors to look over the top and you can make a clean cut without tearing using them in your left hand.   The natural motion of the left hand will push the blades of the scissors together to cut well without having to squeeze and twist the handles together so hard you bruise your thumb knuckle.   Crucially, you can see the cutting line between the blades so you do not have to twist them to look over the top while you cut.

See our range of fully left-handed scissors

Why lefthanders can’t use right-handed scissors

Using left-handed scissors and why they work properly

If you have tried left-handed scissors and found they”didn’t work” for you –
Click this link to see our video explaining why and the amazing responses from people after they have watched it!

Demonstration of using left-handed scissors

Use the links below to see left handed scissors for different uses:


General Purpose Childrens Manicure (nails) Dressmaking Special Purpose

See our more detailed video on left-handed scissors and cutting (6mins 40 secs)


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