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Left Hand Writing Skills
Book 3 – Succesful smudge-free writing

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Left handed writing skills is a new series of books for left handed children with guidelines for parents and teachers. It is the first set of books ever to focus just on left-handers and has been written by Mark and Heather Stewart, who have a left-handed son of their own and have been working with lefthanders form many years. They have created an invaluable resource for left-handers learning how to form their letters and numbers.

Beautifully presented, the series makes learning to write fun in gradual steps. The pages are bound from the top of each worksheet allowing for the left hand to relax and meet a level surface with no obstacles.

Book 3 – Succesful smudge-free writing

The worksheets in this book help your child to create words that are accurately formed and legible, and then to avoid spoiling them by smudging as the left hand follows the pen across the page. The worksheets provide a wide variety of activities, all linked to handwriting, from Egyptian tablets to Lonardo da Vinci’s mirror writing, to invitations, shopping lists and menu cards.

The book is A4 in size (210 x 297mm) and includes guidance notes on writing technique and skills development plus 28 full colour worksheets, each with guidance and tips. There is also a lined practice sheet that you can photocopy and a reference guide to the correct left-handed formation of all the letters and numbers. You can see some sample pages from the book below.

Worksheet 4 is about basic letter joins and joining letters of different heights.

Worksheet 5 is for more joining practice and keeping the letter joins at the correct height.

Click here to find out more about the other books in this series

Click here to order your copy of Book 3 – Successful smudge-free writing

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5 comments on “Left handed writing book 3
  1. muskaan jain says:

    hi lauren my both twins are born left handed and i am also left handed.when i purchased these set of writing books and i thank god they achieved very good legible handwriting…..thanks lauren this is because of you…..

  2. Sarah Lyle says:

    All of these levels of books look fabulous !! I will be buying them for my boys,aged 6& 3 to help them practise outside of school & pre-school. Going to recommend them at school too as a number of children in the class are left handed. the content looks like great motivators and turns writing into a fun thing. thank you.

  3. Vespa Chick says:

    This series of books look great, I really want to get them but school for my 4 year old have started teaching curtative (joined up) formations already and look different to those in the book. My son wants to be able to do it the same way as everyone else in class but can’t and is getting increasingly frustrated and gives up. Does anyone have any ideas how I can persuade him to use these books?

  4. Teddy Wilson says:

    Your workbooks look wonderful. The script taught meets my goals for the children: it is legible and easy to write. My concern is that this script will not be accepted by the rank and file of teachers in the US of A. It would probably have to be included in an Individual Education Plan.

    Thank you for a great web site full of helpful information.

    • Maria Christie says:

      Please can you show an example of what is expected for handwriting in the USA. I’m interested as this is how most schools in the UK teach children to join letters.