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Left Hand Writing Skills Books

Left handed writing skills is a new series of books for left handed children with guidelines for parents and teachers. It is the first set of books ever to focus just on left-handers and has been written by Mark and Heather Stewart, who have a left-handed son of their own and have been working with lefthanders form many years. They have created an invaluable resource for left-handers learning how to form their letters and numbers.

Beautifully presented, the series makes learning to write fun in gradual steps. The pages are bound from the top of each worksheet allowing for the left hand to relax and meet a level surface with no obstacles.

The books are A4 in size (210 x 297mm) and each one includes guidance notes on writing technique and skills development plus 28 full colour worksheets, each with guidance and tips. There is also a lined practice sheet that you can photocopy and a reference guide to the correct left-handed formation of all the letters and numbers. Click the images or links below to find out more about the individual books and see sample pages from inside each one.

Book 1 – Fabulous Fine Motor Practice

The objective of book 1 of this series is to establish good basic habits of paper positioning and pencil hold and to develop the fine motor skills needed for accurate and consistent writing at a later stage.

The book takes the young writer from basic pencil handing and co-ordination exercises through to formation of letters and simple short words. Each page is an entertaining mix of games and puzzles, which parent and child will enjoy doing together.   The letters and examples all   have the lead in and out for cursive script so they can join together as the writing advances.
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Book 2 – Funky formation and flow

The second book in this series begins with some revision of the essential letter formation exercises then moves on the the flow of letters into word formation

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Book 3 – Successful smudge-free writing

This book combines the skills learned in books 1 and 2 so that the child can write words which are accurately formed and legible and also avoid smudging them as the left hand follows the pen across the page. Te individual letters and patterns learned in the earlier books are joined in book 3 to make cursive script.

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4 comments on “Left handed writing books
  1. Anne matthews says:

    Left handed spoon for filling jamjars

  2. linpan says:

    dear sir
    i come form china ,charge of left handed web(, based on study ,Chinese market is big ,urgently need a book for left handed kids . so i want to translate this book for Chinese lefties, hope to your response

  3. Jayne Gaskell says:

    My son is 7 and needs to practice his handwriting. Which book would be best. Thanks.

  4. linda brown says:

    My child is nine and has been singled out at school for one to one in handwriting practice. He was ambidextrous and really couldn’t choose which hand he preferred which held him back and caused much frustration.
    Would these books help or hinder seeing the school has started this work with him.

    I would appreciate your thoughts