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Most tools, implements & equipment are made by right handers for right-handers and as a result many are awkward or even dangerous to use if you are left-handed. Over the last 55+ years, Anything Left-handed & Ernest Thomas (Hendon) Ltd – the world’s only TRADE ONLY left handed products wholesaler – have led the way in bringing left handed products to market by persuading manufacturers to make left-handed versions of all the main products that we use on a regular basis.

We often get asked what makes a product left handed?

The practical answer is that this varies by product – but the fundamental rule is that it has been designed specifically for left handed use only – so we don’t have to just “make do” anymore – we have the proper lefthanded tools to do the job.

If you were born left handed, the first thing to say is that LEFT-HANDEDNESS IS NATURAL. We know that historically there’s been a lot of negativity regarding left-handedness – look at the names we’ve been called over the years for starters! & in some countries there is still a stigma (partly generational) associated with it – so it is important to repeat that LEFT-HANDEDNESS IS NATURAL – don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Be proud about it & make the most of the tools / products now available to you!

If you are now left handed due to accident or illness, we are so sorry that this is the case BUT now, thankfully, we have the tools designed to make your life that little bit easier.

To find out more about what makes individual products left handed, please click on links below – they will take you to a page dedicated to that product which also has links to our online store for easy purchasing 😊


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