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About the Left Handers Club

Left Handers Club

We started The Left Handers Club back in 1990 in response to requests from customers to produce a newsletter and campaign on behalf of left-handers. Our aims from the beginning were to get more left-handed products made and raise awareness of the issues facing left-handers – particularly left-handed children in school.

Our Newsletters

Our newsletters are sent out once or twice a month and cover a wide range of topics to do with being left-handed including:

  • Latest research and reports on left-handedness
  • Our own surveys and analysis
  • Latest product information and explanations of left-handed items, plus member discounts and offers
  • Highlighting the things left-handers do differently
  • Picking up on language, customs and myths about left-handers

We try our best to entertain members as well as providing useful and interesting information and resources. Use this link to see an index with links to our past newsletters 

Backwards Calendar

Backwards Calendar for left-handers

Left-Handers Club membership is completely free and as a member you will receive our unique “backwards” calendar, with days running right to left – which left-handers often find easier to read .

Member Certificate

You will also get access to a free Membership Certificate which you can personalise with your own name for printing.

Left-Handers Club member certificate
We will protect your email

We value your privacy and will never give out, lease or sell any of your personal details. All newsletters contain an unsubscribe link which you can click to remove yourself if you wish, although not many people do!

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219 comments on “Join the Club
  1. Larry Ramsey says:

    As an elementary teacher, I always noticed my left-handed students first. They always appreciated the notice.

  2. Holly says:

    I’m 67 years old, an American and was fortunate to attend a small town grade school where all the parents and teachers knew each other. I was also fortunate that my mother was aware of the possible issues I might face starting school. She specifically told the teacher to not try to change my handedness and as far as I recall it never came up. It shocks me that even today children are dealing with such prejudices by educators against their handedness. I have tried to spread the word to people I know that have young left handed childrens about the teaching tools you have available on your site. If it helps just one left handed child it is worth it.

  3. Drake Ssempijja says:

    Am left-handed. HAPPY TO JOIN THE CLUB

  4. Crystal Evans says:

    Would love to learn about items specifically for lefties.

  5. ERIN A. WELCH says:

    I was a member at one time but I was kind of in transition and haven’t heard from you all in a very long time! and want to know which though that you all would keep sending E-mail news letters about the left-handers club, etc… so that I’m kept informed, I don’t get them anymore and I wish I did! Would you please start me back up as I would greatly appreciate it and thank you so very much! My E-mail has changed to:, please send any correspondence to that E-mail. I look forward to hearing from you all, please! THANK YOU!

    • Admin says:

      Apologies for the delayed response, please sign up again here: – using the purple form at the bottom left hand side of the page

  6. Rachel says:

    Left handed people notice other left handed people but right handed people NEVER notice. I can usually spot a lefty immediately by the arm they wear a watch on. Even watches are made for right handed people! If you are left handed and wear your watch on your right arm and it’s a snap clasp watch, when you bend your wrist you’ll pop open the watch as this wouldn’t happen to a right handed person because the clasp would be facing away from the wrist.

  7. Jessie Lefont says:

    I’m so glad I found this website. It’s tough being a lefty in a right handlers world.
    Btw my Road Name is: Lefty

  8. Vinay Kummar Srivastava says:

    I am fascinated about helf handed children as they are mis understood, mismanaged and mis handled in classes.

  9. Lee Thomas says:

    Hello. I gave followed you since way back when. I think it was at a fayre near Salisbury or Shaftsbury. Have been receiving newsletters ever since.

    Yes I’m a leftie and proud. My mum told me that when I started to write, my grandma dud all in her power to ‘correct it to the right hand. Mum said no, and here I am …proud to be left and mum of a leftie too!

    My right hand/arm does the strength work/ lifting, ironing, my handbag goes over my right shoulder, but my left hand does the fine work – writing, putting on make up etc. It’s fascinating how we’re all different but the same!



  11. Cathy J McKnelly says:

    I have been a fan for decades. Thanks for all you do to help us left handers. Our way of doing “things” is not the “right” way, but rather the “correct” way for us. Too funny, how many times I’ve said that, especially when I make my “backwards” check marks. ✔️ is for right handers. Go for it my fellow lefties — change the way you do your check marks!!

  12. Lesley-Anne Hodgson says:


    At 52 I’ve only just discovered you

  13. Laura Gatz says:

    Love this site! Please keep me on your list!

  14. Sherri Solomin says:

    Thank you for doing this us lefty’s.

  15. Donna Murphy says:

    I’m always curious to learn of new left handed instruments.

  16. Myroslava Van`ko says:

    Доброго часу вам, з України!
    Good time to you from Ukraїna!
    Моє ім’я Мирослава і я лівша!
    My name is Myroslava (Мир – peace,Слава – glory)

    і дуже пишаюся, що моя мама зберегла цю мою унікальність в умовах рядянщини!
    and I am very proud that my mother preserved this uniqueness of mine in the conditions of Ryadyanshchyna!

    Щаслива приєднатися до вас!
    Happy to join you!

    Як чудово, що ви створили таку ініціативу!!!
    How wonderful that you have created such an initiative!!!

    Я давненько хочу популяризувати тему про лівшів у своїй країні!
    I have long wanted to popularize the topic of left-handed people in my country!

    Дякую вам
    Thank you

    Myroslava Van’ko with ❤️

    • Nidhish R says:

      I am a left hander who is eighteen years old , wanted to receive alerts , events and activities happening in international left handers commitee through newsletter . I wanted to build my knowledge , self confidence and to learn and experience about being a left hander .I will do my best and improve my talents .

  17. Roger Clark says:

    I’m extremely left. I’m an artist of multiple genres. I draw on multiple mediums. I play drums and guitar.

  18. Melisha Charmain Anderson says:

    Hey keep me in your prayers, I really need left-handers to come together and help each other get good job, stay out of trouble, be around good people and really succeed at every thing each of us put our minds to