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Left-handed items jigsaw puzzle

Left handed jigsaw puzzleAre you good at doing puzzles?
We have been doing some jigsaw puzzles at home during the lockdown here in the UK and it seems like a lot of other people are as well. That got me thinking… I have always seemed to be good at doing puzzles and there is research showing that lefthanders are better at solving “IQ Test” type puzzles and also generally better at mentally manipulating shapes in three dimensions.
Are left-handers better than right-handers at doing jigsaw puzzles? We thought it would be a bit of fun to create an online puzzle and see how Left-Handers Club members got on with it. This is not supposed to be a “scientific” experiment, but we would be very interested in your thoughts.
We have created the puzzle from a picture of our “Left-Handers Ultimate Discovery Set” containing 14 of our most popular left-handed products.
To make it interesting, we are going to do a draw of all the people who can complete the puzzle and we will send one of the actual product sets, worth Β£69.95, completely free to the winner (see note below on delivery limitations). Just email us at with a subject of “Jigsaw” and a screenshot of the completed puzzle on your screen and we will put you in the draw.
The cut-off date is Sunday 31 May 2020 and we will contact the winner by email to get a mailing address for the products set.
Unfortunately we were unable to transfer the jigsaw puzzle over to our new site when we changed our shopping cart package. Many apologies.
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20 comments on “Left-handed items jigsaw puzzle
  1. Gem says:

    Jigsaw Puzzle link doesn’t work πŸ™

    Apparently, neither does the Post Comment button.

  2. Gem says:

    Jigsaw Puzzle link doesn’t work πŸ™

  3. Karen McConville says:

    I love jigsaws and I am regularly doing them at home. I am sure being left handed makes it easier to see patterns in a methodical way which is why 1000 piece jigsaws can be done in under 24 hours.

  4. Margaret says:

    Fun and easy puzzle!!! Of course it is easy for left-handers!!

  5. Vera Whiting says:

    Of course we’re good at them! I am quite sure that we can see shapes etc in a different way because us older lefties have spent all their lives in a left hand world.

  6. Billy Levin says:

    Left handers have a better right brain and they are born with it. Thus they would be obviously better at right brain functions. I am a retired medical doctor who is left handed.

  7. Letitia says:

    It was quite fun. Once you realize how to move the pieces it was very engaging.

  8. Margaret says:

    It took me nearly 40 mins on my mobile phone. Just got my 3rd jigsaw puzzle today. This time 1000 pieces and gotten me through lockdown as getting better at it! Not done one in 40 yrs. Had botght The Temperae House Kew Gardens in their sale last Autumn and patience required as you need to leave it for a breather or hours pass by as you need to find that piece. Better than binge watching tv series as no skill required there! Did not know how to screen shot so have not entered your competition!

  9. Sarah says:

    My 4 year old left-handed daughter is considerably better at jigsaws than her 9 year old right-handed sister, and always has been. However, I am right-handed and my husband left-handed and it is me that is better at puzzles & jigsaws. So I guess we are no help whatsoever to your study πŸ™‚

    I joined up to make sure my little girl gets the correct support when she starts school. It has been a real battle to get her nursery to give her left handed letter formation sheets.

  10. Nancy K says:

    My husband says I’m better than he is at puzzles and logic problems… something about being more mentally flexible. Not entirely sure if that’s only because I’m a lefty or because of my gender or just how my brain is wired… I was solving logic problems in grade school, lol.

  11. Barbara Miller says:

    Thank you, loved the jigsaw. Left handed products are a god send, as everything you buy is geared for right hand only.

  12. Piper says:

    It would have been really easy but on my small phone without room to move the pieces it took longer. Fun puzzle. Thank you! I do feel we left handers are more adapt to do puzzles.

  13. Marie Chester says:

    Yes, we are better at puzzles- because we are constantly having to solve issues related to being left handed in a right handed world!!!

  14. Tony Irwin says:

    That was great fun. Really enjoyed it, and haven’t done a jigsaw for a long time. Yes, I think left-handers instinctively know whether or not a piece is going to fit in a space, so there’s much less trying and squeezing and turning around!

  15. J. P. Gilliver (John) says:

    Took me ages! So I don’t think we’re particularly good at them. (I’m no good at Rubik’s cube, either.)
    Give me a Sudoku or cryptic crossword, though …

  16. Pamela McLellan says:

    That was fun!!!!!!!

  17. Bob Shelton, Goodyear, AZ, USA says:

    What fun!! I have sent a photo!! Hope for a prize package!!

  18. Marilyn says:

    I am left-handed. Lovely to do a jigsaw again. I haven’t done one for such a long time. Used to to loads. Had cupboards full of round ones and ones with many pieces.

  19. Oralia says:

    Every time I try to work on the puzzle the screen and pieces move around then the pieces disappear. No one can work on it like that. Please help.