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Hand held scanners

Evelyn mentioned that her local superstore (like numerous others) had closed many of their tills to “encourage” customers to use self service tills – but that their trolleys are set up for right handers as the hand held scanner holders are on the right. Leaving aside the question as to whether supermarkets should be discounting our shopping for us as we are doing their job for them (!) IF you are using a hand held scanner, would you prefer the holder to be on the right or the left? We assume we know the answer but wanted to check !

Hand Held Scanner holder

Should this be on your left or the right as you push the trolley?

Which side of your shopping trolley do you need the handheld scanner holder to be?(Required)
Please tick the side you would prefer the handheld scanner holder to be (as you push the trolley)

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74 comments on “Hand held scanners
  1. Jane says:

    I work in school and I an left handed. Some teachers do not get why kids who are left handed struggle with writing.. simple answer us there book isn’t tilted so they can see what they are writing so they can’t see it isn’t their fault. I’ve jad teachers laugh at me when I try to explain difficulties. These kids are set up to fail before they even get going

    • Andrew Ball says:

      We absolutely had to have the paper square to the edge of the desk, so the left little finger rubs directly overwatch you’ve just written!
      I was the only kid in the class to get homework, to practice my letters until they were legible! Finally sussed out by myself how to get my little finger below the line of Mt writing.

  2. Danny Amos says:

    Being left handed its been that way all my life.

  3. Wilma Marshall says:

    A a right hander, with a leftie tendencies and a true leftie son, I assume on the right would work for lefts, and the left for rights.
    So why not compromise and make it an option on al trollies or have specific trollies to suit different preferences.

  4. Ruth Simmons says:

    Some of Sainsbury’s small trolleys do have the holder on the left (usually the newer kind where the holder is part of the handle and not bolted on). As long as there is a holder I’m not too fussed about the side

  5. John Davies says:

    I love some left handed power tools, e.g circular saw. Or left handed cake forks!

    • Andrew Ball says:

      I would love left handed power tools as well! I’ve developed a technique of pushing that pesky little button (that needs to be depressed before the trigger will work) with the “ball” of my left index finger, (rather than the tip of your right finger as the right handed designer intended), but with some tools you’re still holding the entire thing awkwardly whichever way round you hold it!

  6. Colin Bland says:

    We shop at Sainsbury’s and we use a clip on trolly as my wife is disabled.The holder on their trolleys is on the left however it is totally unusable due to the design of the basket. Have a look next time your in.Waitrose no problem.

  7. Colin Bland says:

    We shop at Sainsbury’s and we use a clip on trolly as my wife is disabled.The holder on their trolleys is on the left however it is totally unusable due to the design of the basket. Have a look next time your in.Waitrose no problem.

  8. Angela Allen says:

    My Sainsbury’s has them on the left hand side of the trolley. It’s now dawned on me why I see so many people carrying the scanner in their hand rather than putting it in the holder as they are obviously right handed, lol. Up until now, I’ve been thinking,why aren’t you using the holder, like me. Makes a change for left Handers to get priority

  9. Jackie Stone says:

    Our Asda has them on the left side.

  10. Kay Crone says:

    Even if they do put some scanner holders on the left, it would probably be only a few, and people just grab the nearest trolley, so I doubt you’d ever find one when you need it! They need to put two holders on every trolley, so people can use the one they prefer

  11. Robert Wilkin says:

    I don’t self scan anyway. For the reason you outlined, that being service is supposed to be included in their prices.

    • G6JPG says:

      I think – like several respondents – you are confusing what’s being discussed. We’re not discussing whether you self-scan when you’ve finished shopping or have your shopping scanned by a beepeuse: we’re discussing hand-held scanners (like a small gun) you use _as_ you shop. Those who like to use those do so because, if you take boxes/bags with you, you can _pack_ as you shop, avoiding the delay when you’re finished of unpacking your trolley (and packing your bags/boxes, often under pressure). The trolleys have a little holder on the handle to put the hand scanner in between picking up items; the original poster was saying, do you prefer that to be on the left or right of the handle? There are advantages and disadvantages to either (for both LH and RH users); as several have observed, it could be placed in the middle.

    • peter nightingale says:

      I self scan at the local Leroy Merlin store, to save queueing behind loads of customers with awkward, difficult stuff, and to go straight through. I automatically put my purchases in the bagging area and scan, then place them on the pre scanning side as the tills are back to front for me

  12. Jean-Marie Thompson says:

    Hold scanner in left hand. Pick up item with right hand. Scan. Put item in trolley. Awkwardly put scanner back in narrow holder over to the right. Irritating!

  13. Alison Mansfield says:

    I use a phone app to scan my shopping.
    A phone case that opens with the spine on the right would be great.

  14. Wendy Kiernan says:

    Just one of the many inconveniences we lefties have to deal with!


    I have to think about, because when I was young I was forced to write with the right hand and now I have wait my brain to decide wich hand I’m going to use.

    • Rhiannon Britney says:

      They have discovered that left-handed people who were forced to use their right hand now have a problem distinguishing their left from their right. And they also have depth of field problems too. ;(

      • G6JPG says:

        The depth-of-field one is _very_ odd. I have that slightly – I _am_ left-handed (and wasn’t forced), but I think it’s mainly due to lack of binocular vision (both my eyes work fine, just – due to a squint – my brain never learnt to use them both together, so I just use one or other [no 3D vision]).

      • Joanne H says:


        • peter nightingale says:

          I was converted age 5 and have a complete confusion with left and right my brain going into overdrive trying to work it out. However this appears to be because I was getting used to left and right at the time of being converted. Since retiring to Spain and learning the Spanish equivalents, derecha and izquierda, I can instantly get them right and use them.

    • peter nightingale says:

      I agree, I was forced to use my right hand at the age of 5, and my brain goes into overdrive trying to work out which is left and right. I always computer scroll in the wrong direction, and press up for down and vice versa on the likes of car windows, My brain also goes into overdrive with things like trying to work out which way to turn a screw etc

  16. Pam says:

    I have problems with normal brooms if they have I 3 screwed in handles. I sweep and they always unscrew.

  17. G says:

    We have three ways of scanning. There’s the original, where you do your shopping, then take it all out of your trolley (cart) and put it on a belt and the cashier then scans it all, and you then pack it into your bags or boxes. There are usually queues (standing in line) for that. Then there’s self-scan – same thing, but you do the scanning yourself. Often still queues, but shorter, plus you’re in more control. Finally – and only in some stores – there’s scan-as-you-shop, using a hand scanner like a little pistol; the advantage of that is you can pack as you shop – there’s no unloading and then repacking when you get to the checkout: all you do at the checkout is pay (plus scan any items the hand scanner wouldn’t scan).

  18. Sue G says:

    Hand held scanners.
    I have noticed they weren’t comfortable to use, but until you wrote about it I didn’t realise it’s cause they’re on the wrong side!!!!

  19. Jerome C MacMillan says:

    Since all checkout lines are setup for right handed people and I have been moving to the right all of my life, it probably would be confusing to checkout moving to the left although I would like to experience it at least once.

    • G6JPG says:

      Actually, in UK some supermarkets have the operators in “islands” with belts either side, so some of them _do_ move to the left.
      But this is about where you want the scanner holder on the trolley (cart) handle to be, for HAND-HELD scanners (like a little pistol) that you use while shopping.

  20. Mr A Blackamore says:

    Would in be so hard to fit the scanner in the middle, not only would the help left handers but means right handers could swap hand to pick an item from the other side ???

  21. G6JPG says:

    Another thing – I don’t know if it’s handed, but it could be: a lot of ordinary tills, in the slope down behind the cashier to where you pack, have a hinged lever, the intention of which is that the cashier swings it over, so that the next customer can start packing while the previous customer is still in the way and blocking half the packing area. I have NEVER – in about 40 years – seen this actually _used_ in the way intended. (In the UK that is; in Germany they used it 40+ years ago, and I have no reason to believe they don’t still.)

  22. Hugh Scott says:

    As i have seen others say we live in a right handed world and us lefties have adapted to use many things with our right hand. I don’t really mind the scanner being on the right side

  23. Mo Mortimet says:

    All self check outs are a problem for me, I only use them where there is no viable choice, but I always make a point of speaking to a manager and asking them to feedback the problems us lefties experience.

    • G6JPG says:

      I think the question was about hand scanners, and where the scanner holder is on the trolley handle, not the self-scan checkouts you use when you’re done. Though I agree – surely it wouldn’t hurt to have _ONE_ of those be set to go the other way – with big arrows to draw attention to it; such a store would surely actually get more custom, as word spread!

  24. peter nightingale says:

    on the left

  25. somebody else says:

    Being disabled I can’t manage a trolley, so I do small amounts of shopping at a time. I find it much easier to use my phone to scan my shopping. And I do get a discount on a lot of my groceries when I scan my own shopping.

    • Rhiannon Britney says:

      I live in SoCal, USA and the only scanners are at the checkout and are flat scanners that the cashier uses. We don’t scan our items. Question: why do they have you scanning items? Why doesn’t the checker scan the items? I have NEVER been out of the USA (to my disappointment). I am curious. 😉

      • JPG says:

        “why do they have you scanning items? Why doesn’t the checker scan the items?” If you use one of the conventional tills, the checker does indeed scan the items. If you use scan-as-you-shop, however – it’s like a little pistol you pick up by the entrance, and you scan items as you put them in your trolley (cart) – it means you don’t have to unpack them from the trolley, wait while the checker scans them, and pack them again, quite apart from waiting in a queue at the checkout. (Of course, you still have to pay, but that’s usually a lot quicker.)

  26. Mary Rose Carman says:

    As left handers we grew up in, and had to cope with, a right handed world so we don’t really notice when things are “rigbt”. I accept that we are in the minority and it is easier (and more cost effective) to manufacture everything the same way but it would be nice to have a choice.

  27. Sarah C says:

    I have been self scanning for years and when I saw a trolley with the holder on the left in Sainsburys I got a bit excited but found it impossible to use because I had got so used to it being on the right!