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Customers outside the United Kingdom

A very warm welcome to all our visitors!

We have over 40 years experience of delivering left-handed items to customers all around the world from our base near London in the UK and, wherever you are in the world, you will get the same great service and guarantees from us! Last year, we delivered Internet orders to satisfied customers in more than 100 different countries.

Worldwide service

You can get full information on our delivery details page, but we just want to assure our worldwide customers of a few important things:

Worldwide service
Delivery times and charges
Currency considerations
Duty and import regulations
Payment using credit / debit cards
Guarantee and returns
Have fun!
If you need help or reassurance


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We pack all our goods carefully in protective padded envelopes or parcels so they should arrive in the same condition we sent them. We use postal and airmail services that should deliver your order safely within 7 working days of us receiving it .
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We apply the same stringent rules for credit card security, personal privacy and data protection worldwide – your details are safe being processed on our secure server
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We will charge your credit or debit card in £ Sterling at the prices shown on your order confirmation and your card company will convert to your local currency at their standard rates for the day – you will usually see both the £ Sterling and local currency amounts on your card statement.
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You will receive our great service and security wherever you are in the world, so would you like to visit our shop and see some of the great left-handed things we could send you?

Delivery times and charges

Most orders are despatched by airmail on the working day after they are placed on our web site.

Please click here to see full details of our delivery zones and charges

Currency considerations

We display prices and shopping baskets in £ Sterling by default but you can choose your own preferred currency using the flag icons or currency drop-down at the top of our shop pages. Other currency prices and values are based on current exchange rates looked up live online.

We will charge your card in £ Sterling and, if appropriate, your credit card company will convert at their current rate to your local currency. You should see our company name and both the £ Sterling and local currency amounts on your credit card statement. This is exactly the same process that happens if your use your card in a shop or restaurant outside your own country.

If you want the check currency rates from other sources, you can type a currency conversion question into the Google search box and get an answer, e.g. search for 30 uk pounds in us dollars”.

Or you can use a currency conversion website like or the Yahoo currency converter here

Note that the rate your card company use to convert the amount for your card statement may be slightly different to the one used on our web site  but it should be pretty close.   We do not make any charges for using a credit card whatever currency your account is in.

Duty and import regulations

If you are purchasing from outside the UK, you may be subject to import duties or other taxes levied by your customs authorities. You will be responsible for any additional charges as we have no control over these charges and cannot predict what they will be. Customs policies vary widely from country to country and you should contact your local customs office for further information. Additionally, you are considered the importer and must comply with all laws and regulations of the country in which you are receiving the goods.

Parcels sent by standard post are often delivered without being picked up for duty or tax but there is no guarantee you will not be charged.   Parcels sent by Courier are nearly always picked up by customs and charged.  

We have had examples of duty being charged at rates of up to 70%.   If you do not make the duty payment and accept the parcel it will eventually be returned to us.   Once we receive it back, we can refund you the cost the the actual items but cannot refund the original delivery charge and will deduct any other costs that we incur related to the parcel.

Payment using credit / debit cards

You can pay for your order using most major credit and debit cards all credit card and payment details are processed by a secure third party specialist (CreditCall). We never see your card details and do not store any card information.

We will charge your card in £ Sterling and your credit card company will convert at their current rate to your local currency. You should see our company name and both the £ Sterling and local currency amounts on your credit card statement.

Guarantee and returns

Our guarantee that you will love our products applies anywhere in the world. If our products are not of the quality you expect or have any sort of manufacturing fault we will refund the full cost of the products. See our Ordering Information page for full details

Have fun!

We hope you enjoy our web site and we know you will love our products, so have fun!

If you need help or reassurance

We would love to hear from you.

Click here to send a message to our Customer Service Team

Phone us on: 0044 1737 888269
(but remember we are on GMT – 5 hours ahead of US Eastern Time and 8 hours ahead of US Pacific Time)

Write to us at:
Anything Left-Handed Limited
1st Floor Sterling Centre
9 Eastern Road
RG12 2PW
United Kingdom

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13 comments on “Customers outside UK
  1. Kathy Jackson says:

    looking for teacher training; I have a lefty nephew and the teacher is clueless. I know he is a gifted child, in music and I had him writing this summer. After 1 month in K his mom is being told he is a slow learner… and can’t write. I know it’s bologna! Any info you have i can give his teacher… I’ll buy. In the USA

  2. Patrick Coleman says:

    The products I would like to buy are marked “UK Only”! Why is this, even though I am happy to pay the packing and postage to Portugal I am unable to have them because of this stipulation?

    Britain loses out on a vast market of expats living in Portugal and Spain by making these restrictions, I cannot buy an item from Amazon UK, but buying through the USA from China the same article will be delivered within a week or two! Unfortunately with the Left Handed Club it is a different matter, there is no alternative!

  3. gina says:

    Wow I am shocked to see how many people want your products in their own country! You should really consider branching out as the demand is definitely there. Who knew so many left handers were suffering in this right handed world?!? Good luck with that!

  4. Marye says:

    Hello, do you have a store in USA? I would like to know the products list and te wholesale prices..

  5. Keith says:

    Hi Lucille
    We do not have a USA number so you would need to call on UK number 0044 1737 888269 in UK business hours. We would still need to take your card details and process the card through our online terminal so it is actually better and more secure for you to order direct on our website.

  6. harish says:

    Do you have any outlets in Hyderabad, India. i would like to see the product and purchase immediately.
    thank you,

  7. Orlando says:

    I am left-hander and I really want to make my life and others so much easier, so I want to bring in products for lefthander and sell them here in my country Colombia. I would like to know if there is possible buy the products from you (that means a large buy or several).
    Thanks and I will waiting for your reply

    Orlando Iglesias

    PD. As you might notice, I am not a native english speaker, so I apologize if my writing it ´s quite wrong.

  8. loise mistri says:

    hi, thanks for sending news letters to my son who is 11 years old. i request you if i can come to your shop and make a deal of me becoming an agent here in Kenya Africa to sell because we dont have left handed product here for Kenyan children to use. please reply

  9. loise mistri says:

    please advise your customer whom you deliver lefties product here in kenya i need to by for my son who is leftie i.e school items to help him firther his studies.

  10. James says:

    I really have enjoyed the pens. I really like having a left one that works.
    I plan on buying the top of the line fountain pen sometime in the near future.

  11. arun says:

    hi,do have any shops in much cost me tailoring scissors send me recommended item and the price in malaysia currency.thank u

  12. Lorenzo says:

    Hi left-handers,
    I’m Lorenzo from Italy. Nice site, easy to use.
    I would like to place an order and I have just one question: would it be possible to pay the order with an advanced wire transfer?
    That’s just only because I’ve no credit card and It’s really easy for me to wire online and send you the advanced payment details by mail.
    Let me know and thanks a lot in advance!
    Lorenzo Minetti