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Delivery charges

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We sometimes get emails from customers saying they think our delivery charges are too high.   This is something we are always concerned about and we try to keep our charges as low as possible while also charging enough to cover our actual costs and stay in business so we will still be here next time you want some left-handed items 🙂

Some companies offer free delivery and increase their product prices to cover the costs.   We prefer to keep it separate as a fixed amount otherwise people making large orders lay too much and subsidise those making very small orders.

Here is some of the thinking behind why we do it the way we do and and why it costs what it does…

The thinking behind our delivery charges

Our delivery charge is an averaged amount to cover the cost of our packing the order, the padded envelope or other packing materials and the postage cost. It may seem like a lot if you only order a single ruler, but it is very good value of you order heavy products like, books, knives or folders!

Our charges compare favourably with other web businesses and avoid lots of complications:

  • We could charge a fixed price and then so much extra per item, like Amazon, but often people order a number of small items like pens and sharpeners and this would give an unfairly high charge.
  • If we charged by weight, we would be undercharging for items like writing mats that are light but very large
  • The UK post office now charge not just by weight but by size and packet thickness as well which adds more complexity

Overall, we hope we have got the balance right and that the simplicity of a fixed charge is better than the other option of calculating individual order delivery charges based on weight of products and geographical location.

We are not able to calculate special reduced postage charges for individual orders that happen to be for lightweight items and we will not try to charge you extra if you only order heavy things!

If you need any more information, please contact us

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If you think our delivery charges are too high…

Customers sometimes ask if our delivery charge is too high, particularly when only ordering a single low priced item, but there is a good reason for it…

The actual postage cost to send a single peeler may be between £1.50 and £3.00 depending where it is going but we also have to pay for the fulfilment of the order (warehousing, pick, pack, despatch), which costs us a minimum £2.50 plus the cost of a padded bag, document printing, document envelope to stick on the outside.

For larger orders, the packing cost and postage goes up but we keep the charge to our customers at the same fixed rate for all orders up to £40.00 then a little more above that as the weight of the items means the postage cost goes up rapidly. That fixed charge doesn’t seem as big for people ordering £30 or more of products, which is around the average for our orders.

If we are going to stay in business and continue to search out and supply left-handed products and also provide all the free information, newsletters and personal advice for our site visitors, we have to make sure we are at least covering our costs.

We do have a lot of fixed cost in processing an order and it is just not viable if we charge less, even though it can seem like is a lot if you are only ordering a single low value item like a peeler. Best to add a few more items you really want to your order at no extra delivery charge to make it worthwhile 🙂

We hope that makes sense.

Why do you have to pay for a courier to some countries?

We have sent thousands of parcels all round the world over the last 40 years and in our experience airmail parcels to some countries just don’t seem to reach the customer. If your parcel gets “lost” it involves a big delay for you and your time spent chasing it around and, usually, the cost of sending the whole thing again, often more than once!

That does not give the high standard of customer service that we always aim for, so where we think there could be delivery problems with standard airmail we will still deliver your order, but only using a tracked service from UPS so we know it will definitely get to you.

Unfortunately, there is a much higher cost for that as we have to pay for the UPS service, but we hope you will agree it is worth it to make sure you actually get the left-handed items you are ordering.

There is also an option to pay the extra charge for a courier for any country if you want to make sure your order gets to you quickly and safely with signed-for delivery.

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6 comments on “Delivery charges
  1. Jayne Osborne says:

    There has been many occasions when I wanted to buy a small Left-handed product but have always been put off by the crazy high postage.
    I do not accept your excuse of the cost of proccessing, as other mail-order companys do not have this problem of having to charge such a high cost p&p.
    Why don’t you raise the product prices then to make it more realistic ?? and also people will be able to see more clearly what they will be paying roughly instead of having a shock at checkout!!!!!
    Such a shame.
    Jayne Osborne. (Glouster).

    • Keith says:

      Hi Jayne and thanks for your comments.

      This is something that we think about a lot and try to do in a way that works for the majority of our customers and we know it is impossible to please all the people all the time. We do not want to overcharge for delivery but we do want to stay in business so we can contiinue to provide our services and products. We do look at what other companies do and try to be competitive and reasonable in the way we make our charges. The way companies charge varies a lot depending on their average order value, profit margins, location of them and their customers and whether they make profits from customers other than just on their orders.

      We have considered increasing product prices to cover the postage cost but that would not be fair on customers buying a number of products as they would be paying the single order delivery charge multiple times.

      Most of our customers think the charge is reasonable as they are ordering a number of items. I can see that it looks a lot if you are only ordering a single small item but unfortunately that is becausae our costs are pretty similar the same whether you spend £1.00 or £50.00 – we still have to pay for our warehouse company to process, pick and pack the order and it would not be right for us to subsidise small orders from the charges made to people spending more or fior us to make a loss on these orders ourselves.

      We make our delivery charges very clear – it is the top item on our menu in the shop pages – and also explain why they are the amount they are so I hope people are not getting a shock in the checkout. We cannot actually display the delivery charge until a customer enters the checkout as it is dependent on their location and the value of their order.

      As always, I am open to reasonable suggestions so please add any thoughts as a comment to this page.

  2. Holly says:

    I was looking at your left handed notebook, for 50p- you cannot be suggesting that an item of that amount of money has a value of £4.95 p&p. It just doesn’t make any sense that an item that can be placed in an A4 sized envelope and posted very cheaply could cost that much on p&p.
    If its possible could you send me back a reply, stating how much it is. I don’t know whether i read it wrong or anything but still.
    I have only been on this website because i am left handed and i would love to have a few left handed items around my house to help with everyday life, but at the prices of postage and packing, i am not even tempted.
    I am so very sorry if this has gone against my statatory rights, or if it sounds ‘aggressive’ in any way shape or form.
    But thankyou for reading and i hope to hear back from you very soon. 🙂

  3. Keith says:

    Thank you for the comment and I will leave these here as I think it is a useful debate. As I wrote in the note above, we send things out first class or airmail or we get complaints about slow delivery and we do have to pay for our warehouse and staff to run the business and pick and pack orders. The amount of gross profit in a £3.25 fish knife is about £1.00 and that is not enough to cover the cost of processing the order so we would be losing money and not be around for long if we just charged the actual cost of a postage stamp to send it.

    The postage charge we offer is not dissimilar to many other websites with the exception of those with large value orders that contain enough profit to subsidise lower or free postage. We would love to be able to send out small items free of charge but it would just make no business sense – sorry!

    In practice, the vast majority of people make orders for a few items at a time and the £4.95 charge is acceptable on an order of £30.00 or £40.00.

  4. Mrs Smithson says:

    I was going to order some pen/pencil grips for my granddaughter, at a cost of £3.85 for 3 PLUS £4.95 p&p this is beyond my means.

    I understand the reasoning behind your p&p costs but for 3 small ittems it is extortinate.

    I have found that I can purchase a pack of 2 of these grips from another retailer for 14p more than buying from you a pack of 3, and theres includes the p&p

    Maybe the framework of your p&p charges needs restructuring

    • Keith says:

      We understand that our costs can seem high for a single small item but the problem is that we have to incur the costs of processing the order anyway and it does not seem fair that we should have to subsidise people who are only spending very small amounts of money either from our own pockets or by charging customers with higher value orders more for delivery.

      We have looked at lots of ways of charging for delivery and we think the way we have it now is the fairest overall.