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We want to answer any questions you have as quickly as possible and the quickest way is if the information is already on our web site! We post the answers to all questions we receive and put up information pages and reply to comments added by visitors.

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Web site content – Any questions, feedback, suggestions or additional information on any of the items on our web site (or just add a comment on the page and we will respond to that).

Commercial contacts – If you are trying to sell us something!

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157 comments on “Questions & help
  1. Nathan Ritchie says:

    Hello –

    I’m hoping to recruit participants for my psych honours project at University of Abertay researching any relationship between handedness and anxiety. I have prepared a flyer which I can forward and have prepared plus more formal participant information below. I’d very much welcome your comments or feedback should this be appropriate.

    Kind regards

    Nathan Ritchie

    The relationship between handedness and anxiety(EMS Approval Code 7656)

    Invitation to participate:
    I am Nathan Ritchie and I am currently studying for a BSc(Hons) in Psychology and Counselling. I would like to invite you to take part in this study examining the relationship between handedness and anxiety.

    What is the purpose of this study?
    The purpose of this study is to to examine the relationship between handedness and different types of anxiety through a series of online questionnaires/tasks.

    What will I be asked to do?
    You will be asked to complete a series of questionnaires exploring your current (state) and general (trait) anxiety levels, test anxiety and handedness. You will also be asked to complete an online task and answer a series of open-ended questions reflecting on the study.

    Please ensure you run this study on a PC or Laptop only, as the task does not work via a tablet or mobile device.

    Time commitment:
    The study will take approximately 20 to 25 minutes to complete.

    Participation is voluntary and you have the option to omit responses to any section of the study and to withdraw at any time during data collection by closing your browser.

    Are there any risks in taking part in this study?
    There are no known risks to participants involved in this experiment other than the measurement of different types of anxiety through a series of online questionnaires/tasks.
    Who has reviewed this study?
    This research has been reviewed by, and received approval from, the School of Applied Sciences Research Ethics Committee at Abertay University (EMS 7656).

    What will happen to my data?
    Any information collected about you during this study will be stored in an anonymised form and will only be accessible to Nathan Ritchie and supervisor Dr Lynn Wright. This means that nobody including the researchers could reasonably identify you within the data. Your data will be stored on the researcher’s secure university drive with data fully anonymised at the earliest opportunity (i.e., when data that could identify you is no longer necessary for the purposes of the research). Your responses are treated in the strictest confidence – it will be impossible to identify individuals within a dataset when any of the research is disseminated (e.g., in publications/presentations). Abertay University acts as Data Controller

    Researchers are obliged to retain research data for up to 10 years’ post-publication, however your anonymised research data may be retained indefinitely (e.g., so that researchers engage in open practice and other researchers can access their data to confirm the conclusions of published work). Consistent with our data retention policy, researchers retain consent forms for as long as we continue to hold information about a data subject and for 10 years for published research (including Research Degree thesis).

    Further information:
    Should you have any further questions or would like to find out more about my study, please feel free to contact Nathan Ritchie or my supervisor Dr Lynn Wright
    Anxiety will be measured at different time points in this study and it is important to draw your attention to the support services provided at Abertay University: or speak to staff at the Support Enquiry Zone (SEZ) If you are not an Abertay student and would like further support, you can contact The Samaritans