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9 comments on “Lefty information
  1. Dr Billy Levin says:

    Why is there so much ignorance regarding being a leftie

  2. Mrs. Alicia J. Millington says:

    Did you realize that we really do live in a meshuggina right handed world? I realized this one morning while flossing my teeth. Even the breakoff point of my dental floss is on the right side!

    I do, however, have trouble believing only 10% of the [world] population is left-handed. What about those of us like me, who were born left-handed but forced to use her right hand at age 4? Last March, I switched back to being a southpaw after an ice skating accident caused a hairline fracture of my right wrist.

    Lastly, did you know that when typing on your computer, your left hand types 54% more than your right hand?

  3. Paulz says:

    Indeed, I’ve noticed that i’m better at maths than most of my friends and i’m really good in all things musical and I do think a lot. Glad to see so many lefties here, feels like I found my own kind lolz.

    • Chrissie says:

      LOL! I’ve only just found found this website, so please forgive me! I’m much better at English, spelling, et al. Can’t do maths, at all. I’ve had to do so many things the right handed way, I question. Am I left, or right handed? I think I am now both. I don’t know! I favour my left hand, for almost everything. I have had to adapt. Haven’t we all?

  4. Cindy says:

    I love being a leftie. There are 7 kids in my family and 2 lefties, both girls. I have been celebrating Aug 13 for a few years now and I have the “no right hands allowed” poster hanging in my work shop. I never have to worry about my 5 pairs of scissors getting dull because no one else can use them. If I have to use right handed scissors I use them upside down. I was always told the sewing machine is lefthanded, when I sew (everyday) I notice my left hand does all the work.

  5. Cat says:

    There’s an interesting chapter ‘Of the left hand and the right hand’ in Sir Thomas Browne’s Pseudodoxia Epidemica (or ‘On common false opinions’, first published 1646):

    The chapter is Book 4, chapter 5. (Chapters 2, 3 and 4 also concern handedness). Browne wants to determine whether there is any truth in a variety of beliefs about the left hand, his conclusion being suitably cautious. The chapter thus gives a lot of information about both the beliefs of the time and the “scientific” explanations for the prevalence of the right hand, for handedness, etc. His English is a bit difficult at first but it’s well worth the effort.

  6. Shelley A says:

    Being a lefty I have always had trouble with scissors, pens, notebooks, desks, sewing machines, cameras, etc… Both my parents were right-handed as well as both sets of grandparents and all siblings. Why was I born left-handed? Or, did something happen to me to and I became a lefty? In a science class last year, we had to do a research project and genetics was a category we could research. I did a website for the research project which examined genetic, environmental, and pathological influences considered when attempting to determine the origins of left-handedness. The website has lots of information about left-handedness and it’s possible origins along with some fun facts about being a lefty. Here is the link —