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Famous left-handers – Sport

If you are left-handed then you are in very good company. Throughout history left-handers have excelled as leaders, sportsmen, artists, musicians and in many other fields. This is our list of famous left-handers in sport.

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The list is based on our research and reports from Club members, but we know we are not perfect. If you spot any errors in our list, can provide any further information or have any famous left-handers we should add to our list, please add your information as comments to these pages.

American Football
Football (soccer)
Motor Racing
Table Tennis

Sport – American Football

Name Nationality Description DOB
Albert, Frankie USA (IL) American Football -quarterback 27-Jan-1920
Baker, Terry USA American Football 05-May-1941
Brunell, Mark USA American Football -quarterback 17-Sep-1970
Del Gaizon, Jim USA American Football
Douglass, Bobby USA American Football 22-Jun-1947
Esiason, Norman “Boomer” USA (NY) American Football 17-Apr-1961
Humm, David USA American Football 1952
McDonald, Paul USA American Football 1958
Mitchell, Scott USA American Football 2-Jan-1968
Sayers, Gale USA American Football
Sherman, Allie USA American Football – coach
Simpson, O.J. USA Football/Actor 09-Jul-1947
Stabler, Kenny USA American Football 25-Dec-1945
Yepremian, Garo Armenian American Football
Young, Steve USA American Football 11-Oct-1961
Zorn, Jim USA American Football

Sport – Athletics

Name Nationality Description DOB
Busemann, Frank German Decathlon 26-Feb-1975
Cram, Steve UK Runner
Deal, Lance Hammer thrower
Dragila, Stacy World Champ/RecHolder Pole Vault 2001
Jenner, Bruce Decathlon 28-Oct-1949

Sport – Badminton

Name Nationality Description DOB
Hoejer, Erik Poul Badminton
Rasmussen, Peter Badminton

Sport – Baseball

Name Nationality Description DOB
Anderson, Brady USA Baseball 18-Jan-1964
Avery, Steve USA (MI) Baseball 14-Apr-1970
Baines, Harold USA Baseball 05-Mar-1959
Berra, Yogi USA Baseball 12-May-1925
Blue, Vida USA (LA) Baseball 28-Jul-1949
Boggs, Wade USA Baseball 15-Jun-1958
Bonds, Barry USA Baseball 24-Jul-1964
Brett, George USA ( WV) Baseball 15-May-1953
Brock, Lou USA Baseball 18-Jun-1939
Butler, Brett USA Baseball 15-Jun-1957
Carew, Rod USA Baseball 01-Apr-1945
Carlton , Steve USA Pitcher 22-Dec-1944
Clark, Will USA Baseball
Cobb, Ty (Dec’d) USA Baseball 18-Dec-1886
Dickey, Bill (Dec’d) USA (LA) Baseball – bats left, throws right 6-Jun-1907
Dravecky, Dave USA Basketball
Dykstra, Lenny USA – CA Baseball 10-Feb-1963
Ford, Whitey Pitcher
Franco, John USA (NY) Baseball 17-Sep-1960
Gehrig, Lou (Dec’d) USA (NY) Baseball 19-Jun-1903
Gibson, Paul USA Pitcher 04-Jan
Glavine, Tom USA (MA) Baseball 25-Mar-1966
Gomez, Lefty (Dec’d) USA (CA) Baseball 26-Nov-1908
Goslin, Leon “Goose” USA 9NJ) Baseball – bats left, throws right 16-Oct-1900
Greenwell, Mike USA (KY) Baseball – bats left, throws right 18-Jul-1963
Griffey Jr, Ken USA (PA) Baseball 21-Nov-1969
Grove, Lefty (Dec’d) USA Pitcher 6-Mar-1900
Guidry, Ron Pitcher
Gwynn, Tony USA (LA) Baseball 09-May-1960
Hrabosky, Al Pitcher
Henderson, Rickey USA (IL) Baseball 25-Dec-1958
Howe, Steve Pitcher
Hrbek, Kent USA (MN) Baseball- bats left, bowls right 21-May-1960
Hubbell, Carl (Dec’d) Pitcher
Hurst, Bruce Pitcher
Ishii, Kazuhisa Japan Pitcher 09-Sep-1973
Jackson, Reggie USA Baseball 18-May-1946
Jackson, “Shoeless” Joe USA Baseball 16-Jul-1889
John, Tommy USA (IN) Pitcher 22-May-1943
Johnson, Randy USA Pitcher. throws left – bats right 10-Sep-1963
Joyner, Wally US Baseball
Justice, David USA (OH) Baseball 14-Apr-1946
Kipper, Bob Pitcher
Koufax, Sandy USA (NY) Baseball – throws left, bats right 30-Dec-1935
Kruk, John USA Baseball 09-Feb-1961
Lasorda, Tommy USA (PA) Baseball 22-Sept-1927
Lee, Bill “Spaceman” USA (CA) Baseball 28-Dec-1946
Leyland, Jim Baseball – Manager
Lofton, Kenny USA (IN) Baseball 31-May-1967
Lynn, Fred USA (IL) Baseball 3-Feb-1952
Maas, Kevin USA (CA) Baseball 20-Jan-1965
Magrane, Joe Pitcher
Manush, Heinie (Dec’d) USA (AL) Baseball 20-Jul-1901
Marquard, Rube (Dec’d) USA (OH) Baseball – bats both, throws left. 9-Oct-1889
Martinez, Dave USA (NY) Baseball 26-Sep-1964
Mattingly, Don USA (Indiana) Baseball 20-Apr-1961
McGras, John USA Baseball
McGriff, Fred USA (FL) Baseball 31-Oct-1963
Mitchell, Jackie USA Baseball
Musial, Stan USA Baseball 21-Nov-1920
Myers, Randy USA Baseball 19-Sept-1962
O’Doul, Lefty Baseball
Oh, Sadaharu Japanese Know as the “Japanese Babe Ruth” 20-May-1940
O’Leary, Troy Baseball
Olerud, John Baseball
O’Neil, Paul USA (OH) Baseball 25-Feb-1963
Ott, Mel (Dec’d) Baseball
Palmeiro, Rafael Cuban Baseball 24-Sep-1964
Pasqua, Dan Baseball
Pettitte, Andy USA Baseball – Pitcher 15-Jun-1972
Ruth, Babe (Dec’d) USA Baseball 06-Feb-1895
Sanders, “Neon” Deion USA (FL) Baseball/American Football 09-Aug-1967
Spahn, Warren (Dec’d) Baseball
Stengel, Casey (Dec’d) USA Baseball – Manager 30-July-1891
Strawberry, Darryl USA (LA) Baseball 12-Mar-1962
Swindell, Greg USA Pitcher, throws left – bats right 02-Jan-1965
Valenzuela, Fernando Mexico Baseball 01-Nov-1960
Waddell, Rube (Dec’d) Baseball
Wells, David USA Baseball 20-May-1963
Whitaker, Lou USA (NY) Baseball, bats left – throws right 12-May-1957
Williams, Ted (Dec’d) USA Baseball 30-Aug-1918

Sport – Basketball

Name Nationality Description DOB
Archibald, Nate USA (NY) Basketball 02-Sep-1948
Berry, Walter USA Basketball 17-May-1964
Bird, Larry USA Basketball 07-Dec-1956
Branch, Adrian USA Basketball 17-Nov-1974
Cheaney, Calbert USA Basketball 17-Jul-1971
Cowens, Dave USA Basketball 25-Oct-1948
Dantley, Adrian USA Basketball
Driesell, Charles “Lefty” USA Basketball
Eaton, Mark USA Basketball
Goodrich, Gail USA Basketball
Kellogg, Ron USA Basketball
Kukoc, Toni Croatian Basketball
Lanier, Bob USA Basketball
Lohaus, Brad USA Basketball
Minor, Harold USA Basketball
Motta, Dick USA Basketball
Mullin, Chris USA Basketball
Perkins, Sam USA Basketball
Phelps, Digger USA Basketball
Reed, Willis USA Basketball
Robinson, David USA (FL) Basketball player 06-Aug-1965
Rodgers, Guy USA Basketball
Russell, Bill USA Basketball 12-Feb-1934
Tisdale, Wayman USA Basketball
Van Exel, Nick USA Basketball
Walton, Bill USA Basketball
Wilkens, Lenny USA
Wilkins, Lenny USA Basketball
Zuleta, Manuel Basketball

Sport – Billiards

Name Nationality Description DOB
Arnold, Bonnie USA Billiards
Grandee, Reynaldo Billiards
Lee, Kun-Fang Billiards
Mizerak, Jr., Steve Billiards

Sport – Bowling

Name Nationality Description DOB
Allen, Bill USA Bowling
Anthony, Earl USA (WA) Bowling 27-Apr-1938
Aulby, Mike USA (IN) Bowling 25-Mar-1960
Cook, Steve Bowling
Costello, Patty USA Bowling
Davis, Dave Bowling
Davis, Dale
Johnson, Tish Bowling
Petraglia, Johnny Bowling
Varipapa, Andy Bowling

Sport – Boxing

Name Nationality Description DOB
Balboa, Rocky USA Boxer in film – played by Sylvester Sallone
Basilio, Carmen USA (NY) Boxing 02-Apr-1927
Cooper, Henry UK Boxer
Corbett, James (Dec’d) USA (CA) “Gentleman Jim” 01-Sep-1866
de la Hoya, Oscar USA Boxing 04-Feb-1973
Douglas, John Solto (Dec’d) Helped to formulate the Marquis of Queensbury Rules
Graham, Herrol
Hagler, Marvin USA (NJ) Boxer 23-May-1954
Hamed, Nassem UK Boxer
Hodgkinson, Paul
Johnson, Reggie Boxer
Limon, Rafael “Bazooka” Boxing
Miller, Freddie Boxing
Moorer, Michael USA Boxer 12-Nov-1967
Nunn, Michael USA Boxer
Patterson, Jacker Boxing
Vanderlijde, Arnold Boxer
Whitaker, Pernell “Sweet Pea” USA Boxer

Sport – Broadcasters

Name Nationality Description DOB
Hayrinen, Raimo Sports Broadcaster
Scully, Vin USA (NY) Sports Broadcaster 29-Nov-1927

Sport – Cricket

Name Nationality Description DOB
Akram, Wasim Pakistan Cricketer 03-Jun-1966
Bevan, Michael Australian Cricketer 08-May-1970
Border, Alan Australian Cricket 27-Jul-1955
Broad, Chris UK Cricket 29-Sep-1957
Butcher, Mark England Cricketer, bats left, bowls right 23-Aug-1972
Campbell, Alistair Zimbabwe Cricket 23-Sep-1972
Close, Brian England Cricketer, bats left, bowls right 24-Feb-1931
Compton, Denis England Cricket, bowled left, batted right 23-May-1918
Edmonds, Phil Cricket
Ganguly, Saurav Cricket
Gower, David Cricket, Captain of England
Lara, Brian Trinidad Cricket Captain. West Indies 02-May-1969
Lever, John Cricket
McGrath, Keith Cricket
Mullary, Alan UK England fast bowler, bowls left, bats right.
Pollock, Graham Cricketer
Reid, Bruce Cricket
Russell, Jack UK ex England wicket keeper, plays for Gloucester
Singh, Maninder Cricket
Sobers, Sir Gary West Indies Cricket, Ex Captain 28-Jul-1936
Swarbook, Fred Cricket
Taylor, Mark Cricketer
Underwood, Derek Cricket

Sport – Diving

Name Nationality Description DOB
Gorman, Francis X. Diving
Louganis, Greg USA Diving – Olympic gold medal holder 29-Jan-1960

Sport – Fencing

Name Nationality Description DOB
Mangiarotti, Giuseppe Fencer

Sport – Football (soccer)

Name Nationality Description DOB
Barnes, John Jamacian Footballer 07-Nov-1963
Burbott, Dan Soccer
Charlton, Sir Bobby UK Footballer – England and Manchester United 11-Oct-1937
Cruyff, Johan Dutch Soccer 25-Apr-1947
Edson Arantes do Nascimento, Pelé Brazilian Soccer
Greaves, Jimmy
Gullitt, Ruud Dutch Footballer
Herzog, Andreas Austrian Footballer
Kempes, Mario Alberto Argentinan Footballer
Maradona, Diego Armando Argentinian Soccer 30-Oct-1960
Medford, Hernan Costa Rica Soccer
Pele, Footballer 23-Oct-1940
Platini, Michel France Footballer
Polster, Toni Footballer
Puskas, Ferenc Hungary Footballer
Rensenbrink, Rob Dutch Footballer 03-Jul-1947
Robson, Bryan England ex England Captain 11-Jan-1963
Romario, Brazil Soccer
Rush, Ian Wales Footballer
Sanchez, Hugo Mexico Soccer
Van Basten, Marco Dutch Footballer
van Breukelen, Jans Soccer
van Hanegem, Willem Soccer
van Hooijdonk, Pierre Dutch Footballer
Venables, Terry England Footballer & Manager
Witschge, Richard Soccer

Sport – Golf

Name Nationality Description DOB
Bryant, Bonny Golfer
Charles, Bob New Zealand Golfer 14-Mar-1936
Cochran, Russ USA Golfer
Decker, Connie Golfer
Gane, Chris UK Golfer
Hogan, Ben (Dec’d) USA Golfer 13-Aug-1912
Mickelson, Phil USA Golfer
O’Hern, Nick Australian Golfer 18-Oct-1971
Palmer, Arnold USA (PA) Golfer 10-Sep-1929
Weir, Mike Canadian Golfer 12-May-1970

Sport – Hockey

Name Nationality Description DOB
Barrasso, Tom USA (Mas) Hockey Player 31-Mar-1965
Cashman, Wayne Canadian Hockey player – Boston Bruins 24-Jun-1945
Esposito, Phil Canadian Hockey Player
Bennington, Holt USA Ice Hockey player
Fuhr, Grant Canadian Ice Hockey player
Kurri, Jari Finland Ice Hockey player 18-May-1960
Neely, Cam Canadian Ice Hockey player
Orr, Bobby Canadian Ice Hockey player
Sawchuk, Terry (Dec’d) Ice Hockey player
Turek, Roman Czech Ice Hockey player

Sport – Motor Racing

Name Nationality Description DOB
Berger, Gerhard Austrian Formula one driver 27-Aug-1959
Herbert, Johnny Formula one driver
Labonte, Terry USA NASCAR race driver
Rossi, Valentino Motor cycle racer
Senna, Ayrton Brazil Formula one driver
Silvan, Petterie Motocross
Wendlinger, Karl Formula one driver

Sport – Miscellaneous

Name Nationality Description DOB
Di Biasio, Tony WWF Wrestler
Dixon, Mike Scottish Biathlon competitor for Britain in Winter Olympics Nov-1962
Fischer, Bobby Chess Master
Hamill, Dorothy USA (Illinois) Figure Skater 26-Jul-1956
Kononen, Valentin Walker
Nash, Kevin USA WWF Wrestler
Radcliffe, Paula England Runner – Marathon 17-Dec-1973
Stacey, Donna Netball
Unser Jr., Al USA Racing
Williams, Kenneth UK Aikido 1931

Sport – Snooker

Name Nationality Description DOB
Hawkins, Barry UK Snooker
Meo, Tony Snooker
Reynold, Dean Snooker
White, Jimmy Snooker
Williams, Mark Welsh Snooker, world no. 1in 2001 21-Mar-1975
Hicks, Andy England World no.46 at Oct 2001

Sport – Swimming

Name Nationality Description DOB
Spitz, Mark USA Olympic Swimmer 10-Feb-1950

Sport – Table Tennis

Name Nationality Description DOB
Appelgren, Mikael Swedish Table tennis
Gatien, Jean-Philippe Table tennis
Lindh, Erik Table tennis
Rosskopf, Jorg Table tennis
Taek, Kim qi Table tennis

Sport – Tennis

Name Nationality Description DOB
Apell, Jan Tennis Player
Appelmans, Sabine Belgian Tennis Player 22-Apr-1972
Bogdanovic, Alex UK Tennis Player – born in Belgrade 22-May-1984
Brookes, Norman Australian Tennis Player 14-Nov-1877
Carlsen, Kenneth Danish Tennis Player 17-Apr-1973
Chino Rios, Marcello Tennis Player
Connolly, “Little” Mo (Dec’d) USA (CA) Tennis Player 17-Sep-1934
Connors, Jimmy USA (IL) Tennis Player 02-Sep-1952
Cowan, Barry UK Tennis Player 25-Aug-1974
Cox, Mark UK Tennis Player 05-Jul-1943
Date, Kimiko Japan Tennis player
Davis, Dwight F. (Dec’d) Founder of Davis Cup
De Mone, Courtney Tennis Player
Drobny, Jaroslav Czech Tennis player
Forget, Guy French Tennis Player- Captain of French Davis Cup team 2001 04-Jan-1965
Fraser, Neale Tennis Player
Gomer, Sara Tennis player
Gomez (Santos), Andres Ecuador Tennis Player
Haydon Jones, Ann UK 1st L/H Wimb Champ 1969
Ivanisevic, Goran Croatian Wimbledon Champion 2001
Korda, Petr Czech Tennis Player 23-Jan-1968
Laver, Rod Australian Tennis Player
Leconte, Henri France Tennis Player
Llodra, Michael France Tennis Player 18-May-1980
McEnroe, John USA Tennis Player 16-Feb-1959
Muster, Thomas Austrian Tennis Player
Navratilova, Martina Czech/US Tennis Player 18-Oct-1956
Novatna, Jana Czech Tennis Player
Orantes, Manuel Spain Tennis Player
Pilic, Niki Croatia Tennis Player
Richards, Renee USA Tennis Player
Rios, Marcelo Chilean Tennis Player 26-12-1975
Roche, Tony Australia Tennis Player
Rusedski, Greg Canadian Tennis Player.(Plays golf right but putts left) 06-Sept-1973
Seles, Monica Yougoslavian Tennis Player 02-Dec-1973
Siemerink, Jan Tennis player
Tanner, Roscoe USA Tennis Player
Vilas, Guillermo Argentina Tennis Player
Woodbridge, Todd Australian Tennis Player
Woodforde, Mark Australian Tennis Player

Sport – Wrestling

Name Nationality Description DOB
Kohloff, Nikita Wrestling
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