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Famous left-handers – History

If you are left-handed then you are in very good company. Throughout history left-handers have excelled as leaders, sportsmen, artists, musicians and in many other fields. This is our list of famous left-handers in history.

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The list is based on our research and reports from Club members, but we know we are not perfect. If you spot any errors in our list, can provide any further information or have any famous left-handers we should add to our list, please add your information as comments to these pages.

Politics – UK
Politics – US
Politics – Other

History – Biblical

Name Nationality Description DOB
Ehud, Son of Gera – From Bible

History – Criminals

Name Nationality Description DOB
Bonney, William USA Billy the Kid 23-Nov-1859
DeSalvo, Albert Henry The Boston Strangler
Dillinger, John (Decd.) USA Bank Robber 28-Jun-1902
Hardin, John Wesley Gunslinger
Kid, Billy the US Train Robber! 23-Nov-1859
Panther, Black Infamous Murderer!
Roach, Tony USA Murderer – on Death Row 11-Sept-1976
Strangler, Boston Infamous Murderer!
The Ripper, Jack Serial Killer

History – Leaders

Name Nationality Description DOB
Baden-Powell, Lord UK Founder of the Scouting Movement 22-Feb-1857
Bolivar, Simon Venezuela President of Bolivia 24-July-1783
Bonaparte, Napoleon French Historical Conqueror 15-Aug-1769
Caesar, Julius Italian Historical conquerer 100 BC
Charlemagne, Emperor King of the Franks & Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire 2-Apr-1742
de Beauharnais, Josephine Wife of Napoleon
Forrest, N.B. USA Confederate General USA 13-Jul-1821
Great, Alexander the Historical conquerer
Ireland, Patricia USA (IL) Feminist Leader – President of “Now” 19-Oct-1945
Nelson, Horatio UK Admiral of English Fleet 1758
Ramses II, Egyptian Egyptian pharaoh 1290 BC
Thothmes III, Pharaoh
Tiberius, Emperor
Yapanqui, Lloque Sth. American Inca Monarch known as “The Unforgettable Left-handed one”

History – Philosophers

Name Nationality Description DOB
Aristotle, Thrace Philosopher 384 BCE
Nietzsche, Friedrich philosopher
Serre, Michel philosopher

History – Royalty

Name Nationality Description DOB
Edward III, King UK Royalty (UK) – became left-handed due to a stroke 1312
George II, King UK Royalty (UK)
George IV, King UK Royalty (UK) 12-Aug-1762
George VI, King UK Royalty (UK)
King VI, George UK Royalty (UK)
King VIII, Edward UK Royalty (UK)
Louis XVI, King French King
Queen Mother UK Royalty (UK) 4-Aug-1900
Prince William UK Royalty (UK) 21-Jun-1982
Rhys-Jones, Sophie UK Countess of Wessex (wife of Prince Edward) 20-Jan-1965
Queen Victoria UK Royalty (UK) 24-May-1819
Willem Alexander, Prince Dutch Crown Prince of the Netherlands 27-Apr-1967

Politics – UK

Name Nationality Description DOB
Bevan, Aneurin (Nye) UK Politician 15-Nov-1897
Brittan, Leon UK Politician – Euro MP 25-Sep-1939
Callaghan, James UK Prime Minister (ex) 27-Mar-1912
Churchill, Winston (Decd) England Prime Minister 30-Nov-1874
Hayward, Robert Politician – Euro MP
Jenkins, Roy
Kaufmann, Gerald
Mitchell, Austin MP
Waite, Terry Church Envoy

Politics – United States

Name Nationality Description DOB
Adams, Sam USA Statesman 27-Sep-1722
Bader Ginsberg, Ruth USA (NY) US Supreme Court Justice 15-Mar-1933
Bradley, Bill USA US Politician/ Basketball Player 28-Jul-1943
Bundy, McGeorge USA US Presidential Advisor 2-Apr-1905
Bush, George USA (Mass) US President – 41st 12-Jun-1924
Campbell, Ben USA Senator – Colorado 13-Apr-1933
Clinton, Bill USA 42nd. US President 14-Aug-1946
Dole, Bob USA Senator – to left after accident 22-Jul-1923
Forbes, Steve Businessman/ Publisher
Ford, Gerald USA US President – 38th 14-Jul-1913
Frankllin, Benjamin USA Scientist,Publisher & US Statesman 17-Jan-1706
Garfield, James A (Dec’d) USA (OH) 20th US President – assasinated 1881 19-11-1831
Hoover, J. Edgar (Dec’d) USA Director of FBI 01-Jan-1895
Hoover, Herbert (Dec’d) USA (IO) President 10-Aug-1874
Inouye, Daniel US Senator
Jefferson, Thomas USA 3rd President of the USA 13-April-1743
Kennedy, Anthony USA US Supreme Court Justice
Kennedy, John F.
McNamara, Robert S. US Secretary of Defense
North, Col. Oliver USA White House Aid
Perot, H Ross USA (Texas) US Presid. candidate 27-Jun-1930
Perry, William US Secretary of Defense
Powell, Colin USA Secretary of State 05-Apr-1937
Reagan, Ronald USA (IL) 40th US President. (Converted to right) 06-Feb-1911
Robertson, Pat Politician
Rockefeller, Nelson Dec’d USA US Vice President 08-Jul-1908
Schwarzkopf, Norman USA US General/Stormin’ Norman! 22-Aug-1934
Scott, Hugh US Senator
Snowe, Olympia USA (ME) US Senator from Maine 21-Feb-1947
Straub, Franz Josef Politician
Truman, Harry S. USA (Missouri) US President – 33rd 08-May-1884
Wagner, Robert New York Major
Wallace, Henry US Vice President

Politics – Other Areas

Name Nationality Description DOB
von Bismarck, Otto German Chancellor 01-April-1815
Ahern, Bertie Irish Prime Minister – Ireland 12-Sep-1951
Castro, Fidel Cuban Leader of Cuba 13-Aug-1926
Charest, Jean Canadian Politician 24-Jun-1958
De Klerk, FW S. African Politician 18-Mar-1936
Donner, Jörn Finnish MEP
Froidevaux, Jean-Marc Swiss Politician
Gandhi, Mahatma India Leader 02-Oct-1869
Netanyahu, Benjamin Ex Prime Minister of Israel 21-Oct-1949
Hsien Loong, Lee Singapore Deputy Prime Minister of Singapore
Loon, Brig. Gen. Lee Hsein Deputy PM of Singapore

History – Saints

Name Nationality Description DOB
of Arc, Joan French Christian Saint/French Heroine 06-Jan-1412

History – Miscellaneous

Name Nationality Description DOB
Dionne, Marie One of the Dionne quintuplets
Engles, Marty Comedian or American Football?
Gibbons, Euell Naturalist
Keller, Helen (Dec’d) USA (AL) Advocate for the blind 27-Jun-1880
Prudhomme, Paul Chef
Reagan, Ron Son of Ronald Reagan
Thomas MD., Chip Bicycle Explorer

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18 comments on “History
  1. Alexis Tarr says:

    Was Guido Fawkes left handed?

  2. Mrs. A.J. Millington says:

    As a huge fan of animated movies, let’s not forget Hiccup of How To Train Your Dragon and Merida from Disney’s Brave. Although I didn’t watch much of it, there’s a character in Frozen who’s also a lefty.


    Well I’m very glad I came across this site it’s interesting to find out all the historical people that were left-handed maybe I’m wrong but I was always under the impression or was told that Einstein was also left-handed I could be wrong
    now there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being left-handed we are very interesting people with that being said throughout my young life I was told I was a freak it was disgusting I was beaten teachers were told to force me to write right-handed until and I repeat until a teacher do it up and said she’s left-handed let her be again I’m proud to be a left-handed person as far as I’m concerned we don’t live in a backwards world the right-handers live in a backwards world

  4. Sarah says:

    Willem-Alexander is now king of the Netherlands.
    Benjamin Netanyahu is now the PM of Israel.

  5. Julie F says:

    Prince William is also left handed

  6. Randy Bridges says:

    Alan Turing

  7. Ijikelly says:

    There are left handed people of repute in Africa like Mr Babatunde Fashola Senior Advocate of Nigeria,former Excecutive Governor of Lagos State in Nigeria, current minister of three portfolio. Power,Works and Housing.He uses left hand.

  8. John M Berryman says:

    I’ve been left out.How under-handedly sinister.

  9. Christopher Cerillo says:

    George Washington was also Left Handed as well.

  10. Gail Morgan says:

    Tony Abbott, the current prime minister of Australia is left handed

  11. Gillian Bergh says:

    Simon commented on Club response to David:Has anyone ever asked for a left handed fish knife at a restaurant? in my experience, the waiting staff look at you as though you are some sort of freak.———————- Aparantly, the posh way to eat fish is with 2 forks! That’s what royalty do.

  12. Buster says:

    John Kennedy wrote with his right hand. He threw a baseball and football with his right hand. Not sure how that makes him a lefty.

  13. Ethan Hutson says:

    I didn’t see Barack Obama in US Presidents

  14. Ian from Oz says:

    Greetings from Australia. Great website. My daughter sent me the link otherwise I would not have known it existed.
    Two of my sisters-in-law are lefties but no one else in my immediate family are. I was born just after WW2 but I don’t recall getting a hard time from the teachers as some did.
    An interesting observation; the current Prime Minister of Australia is a leftie as is the President of the USA.

    • John M Berryman says:

      I was born 9/46 and my public school teach whacked my left hand with a ruler if l used it learning cursive.l faked a right hand slant but kept on lefty,though a left drags through ones carbon and ink- cursive was my curse! l was the brightest but smallest and won by wit.Not a happy path to travel, I’ll assure you…

  15. kiah says:

    Jack the ripper (whoever he or she was) was almost certainly a righty. The confusion was caused by a misreading of forensic evidence.