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Our Website is SuperSecure (and we can prove it!)

We know how important online security is to our Left-Handers Club members and we have spent the last 6 months increasing the security of our website to the highest standards and making sure we have the independent proof that it is all working.

We want you to know that you are completely safe browsing our website and entering your information to place orders or request information from us.

Apologies for the techie stuff but this is important!

HTTPS / SSL securityhttps:// Secure Socket Layer (SSL)

We have implemented SSL across ALL of the pages of our website, which means you now see the page url’s in your browser starting with httpS:// and all data transmitted between your browser and our website is encrypted so that nobody else can see it or intercept it.

This is a good article about why HTTPS / SSL is so important in layman’s language

Extended Validation Security Certificate

Extended Validation Certificate

We have purchased the highest standard of security certificate and gone through all the validation hoops so that you see not just the green “secure” padlock but also our full company name in green as well in your browser bar.  You normally only see this on very big companies so we are proud to have implemented this for our left-handed customers.

Here is an article on Extended Validation and what companies have to do to achieve it

Comodo Secure TrustLogo SealComodo TrustLogo Seal

As part of the higher level of security we have implemented, we are entitled to show the “Comodo Secure” seal on our pages.  This is not just an image that anyone can use – it is validated on their own secure server each time you load a page, AFTER checking the security of our page and our IDENTITY.

Comodo Validation informationYou will see it at the bottom right of all our pages and if you hover the logo with your mouse pointer you will see full details of our validation.

See more information about the TrustLogo Seal here


We know it is a bit boring and techie, but we hope you appreciate all we have done to ensure your safety when using our website and ordering our products 🙂

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