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Commercial contacts to Anything Left-Handed

If you are a visitor or customer making a personal contact with us, please click here

Our directors receive hundreds of emails, phone calls, faxes and letters every week from people trying to sell us things we are never going to want.   If we humoured everyone who contacted us and gave them our time we would never have any time left to run our business so please forgive us if this page seems a bit harsh!

Suppliers and other business contacts

If you have a product that you think we should include on our web site or want to contact us on any other relevant business issues, please use the form below.   Please include as much detail as possible including links to pictures, prices, volumes etc.

If we do not respond to your message, it means we are not interested so please do not follow it up or try to contact us by phone or mail.

New product ideas

We are only interested in genuine left-handed products that have been designed or adapted in some way to make them easier to use for left-handers.   We will never be interested in generic products that can be used equally well by righ and lefthanders and have no particular benefit for left-handers. If you are a low cost producer trying to undercut our existing sources of supply it is highly unlikely we will change as we have established relationships and quality standards and want to maintain them.

We know that you think your products are the best quality and lowest price and generally fantastic, but we have seen it all before!

Advertising and paid promotion of our products

We do not generally pay for advertising as we have not found it cost effective for our products in the past, but we are always willing to undertake trials and measure the results. We are also willing to contribute editorial content or information from our website in return for a link back to us.

If you think your publication / web site would be effective for us you can set up a promotion for us free of charge and we will work with you to measure the results from it.   If it makes us more profit than it would cost we will become a paid customer and stay with you for as long as it keeps working.   If it is not effective and would lose us money at your paid rates, we will move on.   Please do not come back to us with a better offer and lower prices, we will definitely not pay for the trial.   You know your publication and readership and if you think it will work it is reasonable for us to expect you to take the financial risk to prove it.   If you do not have the confidence to do that yourself, please do not expect us to pay for it!

Internet marketing advice, software, websites directories etc.

We have been doing this full time since 1999 and know a bit about it.   We have established relationships with providers of all the marketing services we want (very few externally).   We do not want advice on how to be top of Google, generate incoming links, improved the profits from our web site or anything else that will cost us money!

If you want us to join your directory, shopping portal or other marketing service we will only consider it if you do a completely free trial for at least 2 months and with absolutely NO setup costs of any sort. We will track conversions and decide whether your offer is viable after that, but we will still not be paying any setup costs. If you think your service will be profitable for us, you take the risk on setup costs and earn your profits from commissions on sales, not us!   Don’t waste your time telling us what good value it will be.

Other business services

We will not be interested in your advice or services for any sort of phones, mailing services, utilities costs, exhibitions, travel, free tickets, corporate events or pretty much anything else!

If you still think you have something we would really want, please use the form below:

Oops! We could not locate your form.

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7 comments on “Commercial contacts
  1. Gillian says:

    I like the way you put wannabe ‘suppliers’ in their place. I am a customer. Keep up the goodwork

  2. Lauren Deer says:

    I would love to be able to buy smudge guards from you! Also a left handed spiral about college ruled size.

  3. Ashley Czuchaj says:

    Hello, my name is Ashley & I am an Occupational Therapy Assistant Student from the U.S. (graduate in May 2015). I am currently working on developing a program for left-handed students. I am looking to incorporate occupational therapy interventions into the school-system or the community. Any information used from your wonderful site will be referenced appropriately. Do you currently have any Occupational Therapy staff on your team that might have some insight? If possible could you email me any evidence based articles for educational purposes? Thank You,Ashley C. 23 year old Left-handed student

  4. lin says:

    i come from china , here ,many kids are forced to switch left hand to right hand . i am lefty,too . so i create a web for lefties kids (visit ). based on your experience .i learn from yours . i want to translate your book to Chinese. the book named is<>, so i need your word before do this work . we have the same dream for the worldwide left handed .sincerely , chinese market need yours . your permission of this book is fatal for me . Hope you say okay. look forward your letters .then we discuss other details .

  5. Argots Pakalns says:

    First of all I want to apologize for my bad English – I’m not English speaker. But if we continue in touch, I’ll ask my wife to help me because she know English much better than me.
    The situation is as follows, I want to know whether you would like to develop your business outside the UK. The reasons for this are two – I’ve been all my life journalist, but I eventually want to start my own business. And second – I have been born as a left-handed, my son is left-handed (my mother and mother-in-law is also left-handers) and finally, I want to make life easier for left-handers in Latvia and maybe later on in other two Baltic countries. So I want to offer you found following online shop website here, in Latvia and I become as your representatives here. I’ll be very wait any response from you because I have all the financial terms, to open that website here.
    Kind regards –
    Argots Pakalns

  6. Ronald Hancock says:

    Dear Sirs:
    I am starting a virtual shop in Brazil, to do some business with the kind of items you have on sale in your internet page. Would you please inform, as a first step, which are the articles you already experienced as the most searched for by your clients. On the other hand, I wish to know each price, their cost for exportation to our country if possible, how many pieces I can acquire, taking into consideration that this would be a first start. There is a lack of these goods here, and I foresee a large market to begin with. I am also confident that we can do good business together. Please let me know of your comments, if any, and details of your list of items.

    Sincerely yours.

    Ronald Hancock

  7. Adeoye Tina says:

    I got your site through google, while searching for product to assist me in helping my 3yrs old son (lefty) write in pre-school. Thought is wise if i can do biz with your firm, since i know a lot of kids here are left handed who would need a whole lot of your products. Parents and Schools for teachers to aid lefties in school work. Hope to get a mail from you if i make sense.